Thursday, July 31, 2008

Christa's Secret of the Stole

I'm trying to figure out how to post directly from Christa's Flickr...

Here is her Secret of the Stole, knit in Whipped Creme (silk fingering weight), in the colorway Cabernet. She does gorgeous lace, doesn't she?

Christa's stole

Picture 117
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Christa created this lovely little stole/scarf using Butter (50% silk, 50% merino) in Fairy Wings. The mottled look of the yarn works well in this simply lacy pattern.

Christa's Fairy Wings scarf

Picture 118
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This is a close-up of Christa's scarf in Fairy Wings.

At last, new colors!

The spring and summer got away from me, but I finally delivered some new colors to Nine Rubies.

In Superwash Sock...

Dad's Brown

Dad's Teal


Sweet Honey (lighter shade than Honeysuckle, also coming in Pearly Twist Sock)

In Alpaca Lace...


Dad's Teal

In Whipped Creme (fingering silk)...

Dad's Teal

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Denny's Scarf

Denny Stein emailed me photos of a gorgeous, simple scarf. She wrote:

"I bought this silk yarn at Stitches West and you asked me to send a photo of the scarf I was going to make, after I was done. I made it for my partner, who really loves it. It's almost all stockinette stitch and "next time" I would use a more varied pattern, especially along the edges so they wouldn't curl as much. It has a wonderful drape, like water flowing and rippling. Hope you like the pics."


Here's the close-up of her excellent stitch work - very even, especially for silk!


Denny added:
"I think a lacy scarf would be lovely, and I have a tiny ball left that I was thinking of knitting up on large needles, with about 10 stitches to a row, just to see what it looked like."

I don't have a webpage or Ravelry ID for Denny, but if she sends one, I'll share!

Thanks for sending the photos, Denny!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Sea Otter Socks

I finished a pair of socks in Pearly Twist Sock Yarn, Sea Otter colorway, for myself. I used Ann Budd's toe-up sock pattern from Interweave Knits.

Sea Otter Socks done

This colorway can pool, as you can see. I like the way it pools, personally - and it might not pool at all, or in the same way, in your own pattern. Pooling is a mystery that involves the interplay of yarn, pattern, size, and gauge. A minor offset of gauge can lead to incredibly different results.

Sea otter socks 1

I have been wearing these all day today and am very happy with them! I hope you like your Baywood Yarns finished objects as well. Share them with me!

Sea otter socks 2

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Stitches West here I come!

Nine Rubies Knitting will feature Baywood Yarns at Stitches West 2008, in Santa Clara. The event starts Thursday evening and goes through Sunday. There will be a "Meet the Dyer" opportunity at 11:30am on Sunday - although I'll be working the booth from 9am through noon that day. You also will find me in classes on Thursday and Friday. Saturday is Family Day so my kids remember who I am.

In preparation, I delivered 120 skeins to Nine Rubies today!

120 skeins for SW

This adds to at least 40 skeins of sock yarn I saw on their shelves. In addition to the Tropical Green, Tahoe Blue, Purple Denim, Jocelyn's Red, Amazon, and Persimmon, they will have these...

Pearly Twist Fairy Wings Pearly Twist in Fairy Wings

Pearly Twist Wine and Roses Pearly Twist and Superwash Sock in Wine and Roses

Pearly Twist Jewel Box Pearly Twist and Superwash Sock in Jewel Box. This batch of Jewel Box turned out particularly well!

Sock Mermaid Jewels Superwash Sock in Mermaid Jewels. Note that one dyelot came out quite a bit darker than the other... I didn't write down this recipe when I first created the color in 2006, so I did my best to re-create it. It's pretty close to the original!

Sock Rose Garden Sock Yarn in Rose Garden

There won't be just sock yarn. I also delivered some other yarns, and they will take the silks and silk-merino blends they have in stock.
Alpaca Lace This Side Alpaca Lace (new!) in This Side of Red.

Whipped Creme Tropical Green Whipped Creme (100% silk fingering) in Tropical Green

See you at Stitches!