Tuesday, August 28, 2007

A new colorway!

Pearly Twist Autumn Maple
Originally uploaded by Jo Knits
This new colorway, Autumn Maple, is inspired by the fall leaves in New England. We don't have such colors on our trees in California, but you can enjoy the colors in your yarn!

Eight skeins of this, and ten of Jocelyn's Red, are now at Nine Rubies.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Coming soon...

In 1-2 weeks, Nine Rubies will receive:

10 skeins of Pearly Twist in Jocelyn's Red
8 skeins of Pearly Twist in Blackberry Jam
8 skeins of Pearly Twist in a new colorway, yet to be named
4 skeins of Cashmere in Jocelyn's Red
2 skeins of Luxury Sock & Shawl in Jocelyn's Red

Give Nine Rubies a call if you want to put any of these on hold!

Friday, August 10, 2007

Yarn on the way to ABCs of Creative Pursuits and Nine Rubies!

These yarns are heading to ABCs of Creative Pursuits - the Postman picked the package up today! The yarn should be there by Tuesday or Wednesday.

Superwash Sock in Sierra Forest and Jewel Box.

And these are at Nine Rubies now!

Luxury_Sock_This_Side_Red Luxury_Sock_River_Rocks Luxury_Sock_Cabernet
Luxury Sock and Shawl in This Side of Red, River Rocks, and Cabernet

Luxury DK in Wine and Roses


Thursday, August 9, 2007

Crocheted Shawl in Superwash Sock

Ada made this lovely shawl using KnitWare to create a crochet pattern. It's made from Superwash Sock in Ollalieberries colorway.

Finished objects for view!

You can peruse photos of finished objects made with Baywood Yarns now! Go here. The link will be on the sidebar so you can see the latest work by very talented knitters.

If you'd like to share your photos, email them to me or share your link!