Thursday, May 31, 2007

More yarn at Nine Rubies!

I delivered a batch of sock yarn to Nine Rubies today. Call them if you want some!

Wine & Roses Pearly Twist Sock Yarn $25

Amethyst & Iolite Pearly Twist Sock Yarn $25

Waves Pearly Twist Sock Yarn $25

Napa Road Superwash Sock Yarn $22

River Rocks Superwash Sock Yarn $22

Jocelyn's Red Pearly Twist Sock Yarn $25

Sea Otter Superwash Sock Yarn $22

There won't be another delivery for at least two weeks - probably three!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Thanks Stash & Burn!

Thank you Nicole & Jenny at Stash and Burn for the podcast review of Baywood Yarns!

If any of you are here wondering how to get Baywood Yarns, you can call Nine Rubies Knitting. I'm not sure what they have in stock, but they can tell you. I try to post photos of everything before I deliver it, so if you keep your eyes on this site you'll know when I make a delivery. You also can place an order with Nine Rubies if you favorite colorway is sold out.

If you have finished objects with Baywood Yarns and you'd like to share, send photos! I'll happily post them.

More yarn is coming soon! I dyed about 7 batches on Sunday, including more Waves and some new colorways... it's all drying now.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Introducing Pearly Twist Sock Yarn!

The first skeins of Pearly Twist Sock Yarn have been delivered to Nine Rubies. More will go to ABCs of Creative Pursuits in a month or two.

The put-up is about 430 yards (if I recall correctly) and the price is $25 per skein.

This is Blackberry Jam

And Jewel Box

The yarn on the left is Jewel Box in the Superwash Sock yarn. The yarn on the right is Pearly Twist. You can see that the Superwash Sock has more of a halo, and a looser twist.

As for gauge, the Pearly Twist is on the top. It will knit up slightly larger than the Superwash Sock. The Pearly Twist can be equated to Louet Gems Pearl or Koigu in weight, while the Superwash Sock is a bit heavier than Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock, but lighter than Koigu.

Saturday, May 5, 2007

New Yarns at Nine Rubies!

These new yarns will be arriving at Nine Rubies within 24 hours...

Light Creme de Soie - 100% DK tussah silk - in Azul Vivo (more coming soon in Waves)

Cashmere DK - 100% cashmere, 100 yards - in Waves

Cashmere DK - 100% cashmere, 100 yards - in Blackberry Jam

Luxury DK - 50% silk, 50% merino - in Blackberry Jam

I'm skeining as fast as I can, so more yarn will be delivered to Nine Rubies soon...